Last bank closes in Newhaven to disappointment from community

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The last bank in Newhaven closed its doors on Friday September 12 to disappointment from residents.

HSBC shut its High Street branch after saying the business was not viable.

On Facebook residents criticised the bank’s departure, arguing the town’s substantial population could support a bank.

Resident Duncan Campbell said: “Talking to a trader in the town recently, he said that the lack of a bank to pay in customer cash and cheques was the final straw and he is looking to relocate in Seaford where rents are lower, footfall is greater, and banks are interested in helping him.”

And also on Facebook Karii Reid said: “Really hope anyone in Newhaven with an HSBC account closes it swiftly.”

Residents can still withdraw money from the Post Office and there is a cash point at the Sainsbury’s in Drove Road, but HSBC operated the last cash point in the High Street which has been removed.

The departure of HSBC was criticised by Newhaven MP Norman Baker.