Lateral thinking helps businesses succeed


A NEW business that helps people use lateral thinking to resolve problems has been set up in Uckfield.

Reg and Gill Granger have just moved from East Anglia and are renting a property in the town before moving into an office in Lewes. The business is called A Moment of Sense and clients are already lined up with queries.

At present advice is being given free on their website: or via Twitter on: @amomentofsense.

They then hope to have follow-up requests from people and have micro-charges of something like 69p a time – but it will be refundable if people don’t like the advice.

Reg said: “Gill was a market gardener and I am a baker. Both need common sense to sort out problems. But it’s often quite unusual common sense that eludes some people. What the modern world lacks is a moment of sense - to help people step back from the muddle they are in and see the wood from the trees or in our case - the beetroot from the chocolate!

“The story is that when Gill and I first met, I tried to bake her some beetroot (which she grew) and chocolate cake. Sadly, I mixed the grated beetroot and grated chocolate together by mistake. How could I get the beetroot out to cook that first? Gill said put it all in a pan, and gently heat it. The chocolate melts and you can sieve out the beetroot. It worked! This then became our catchphrase for offbeat advice.”

The couple have an app in design which shares the same wisdom direct to people’s smartphones. They’ve already had interest from people and given out their first bit of free advice. Reg went on: “Most of them of course will be confidential but advice to a baker friend in East Anglia resulted in a huge increase in sales. All we received was the occasional loaf of bread when necessary.”