Learn about art of building flint stone walls in Lewes

Repairs underway at the Priory in Lewes.
Repairs underway at the Priory in Lewes.

Flint knapper David Smith will tell you everything you need to know about flint walls, a traditional feature of the Sussex landscape, in a talk to be held in Lewes.

It will take place on Monday April 13 at the Kings Church building in Brooks Road at 7pm.

David’s talk will cover the history of flint, showing its use and versatility as a building material.

He will explain styles of laying and finishes which can vary from construction period and importance of structure, to region and specific location.

Using local references, he will demonstrate how flint has given Lewes its distinctiveness with examples of the good, the bad and the unusual.

To round off the lecture, David will give a demonstration on the art of flint knapping.

Tickets £3 for non-members and £2 for members but refreshments are free. All are welcome.

Visit www.leweshistory.org.uk to find out more.