Leisure centre staff wear red to raise money for charity in Hailsham

Staff where something red for British Heart Foundation
Staff where something red for British Heart Foundation

Staff and members of Freedom Leisure in Hailsham were asked to wear something red to raise funds for the British Heart Foundation raising £555.

Fitness manager Beverley Whitney also asked colleagues to bake cakes for sale in aid of the charity.

Hundreds of people supported the cause but two members in particular went several extra miles by cycling on stationary bikes the equivalent distance of London to Brighton and almost back.

Bernie Lux, 72, and Bob Bruce, 66, covered 80 miles between them with just a little help from a few friends who jumped on the bikes to give them a short break.

Organisers said the distance is a significant achievement for anyone but Bernie was three stone overweight and had dangerously high blood pressure just 18 months ago, and Bob recently lost 2.5stone following a heart disease scare.

Nicole White, Freedom Leisure centre manager, said: “I am delighted with how many people rallied to the cause on Friday and would like to thank everyone who supported us by wearing something red, donating money, baking and buying cakes and sponsoring our two cyclists. I would like to especially thank Beverley who did a fantastic job.”