Let’s ensure disastrous climate conditions remain the exception rather than the new norm

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Your November 12 issue referred to ‘exceptional climate condition’.

Any pledges to alleviate the climate crisis must be welcomed.

I share the enthusiasm that Maria Caulfield has expressed for land-based wind turbines, as well as the off-shore ones such as Rampion.

Here in Sussex we may begin to believe the green-wash.

But at the same time as making green promises in leaflets, the government is planning to invest in Argentina’s oil shale industry, using a £1bn export finance deal intended to support green energy.

It is allowing Cumbria Council to go ahead with a deep mine close to Sellafield, and in the Pont Valley open cast mining has begun anew.

We know already how harmful coal is, as a fuel. There is worse news still.

The International Energy Agency has just announced findings that all coal mines, disused and active ones, are leaching methane.

This gas is 34 times worse than CO2, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. It also escapes from gas and oil wells.

We have wind, solar and potential tidal power in Sussex.

Let’s use these resources to make sure that disastrous climate conditions remain exceptional, and do not become the new normal.

Sallie Sullivan

Sun Street