Lewes artists inspired by Railway Land Nature Reserve

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Husband and wife Lewes artists David and Dawn Stacey launch their shared exhibition at the town’s Hop Gallery this weekend.

Entitled ‘Shared Encounters’, it is their individual responses to the Lewes Railway Land Nature Reserve.

Painter Dawn said: “We’ve been visiting the Railway Land several times each week for about 10 years when we walk our dogs, Elvis and Costello, each time we come there is something new to see.

“I make sketches or take photographs which I use to inform the paintings I make, applying layers and textures.”

Photographer David said: “I see the Railway Land as being like a series of stage sets, you walk from one to another having a different experience in each area. We’ve seen many changes over the years. Areas that were previously quite difficult to access now have paths through them and there seems to be more visitors than ever. But there is something there for everyone.”

Although Dawn and David have worked on similar locations over many years this is the first time they have had a joint exhibition on a common theme.

Local author Colin Bell will tomorrow (Saturday, 2pm) at the gallery read his poem ‘Red November’ which was inspired by one of Dawn’s paintings.

‘Shared Encounters’ features at the Castle Ditch Lane venue until March 13, 10.30am-5pm (Sundays 12noon–5pm). Closed Mondays.