Lewes-based animation company’s debut movie out next month

Mungo's a mole with a goal in 'Strike'
Mungo's a mole with a goal in 'Strike'

An animation film by a Lewes-based company is set to hit cinemas on Saturday, May 11.

‘Strike’ is a charming stop-motion movie and is the debut production of Gigglefish Animation Studios, a new entertainment company focused on developing great entertainment with new stories that resonate with audiences on both the large and small screen.

Founders Trevor Hardy, Edward Catchpole and Jeremy Trollope-Davis have more than 20 years’ experience each in the film and TV industries.

‘Strike’ features the voices of Lizzie Waterworth-Santo (best known as the voice of Horrid Henry) and veteran British actor Ken Stott (The Hobbit).

The film follows Mungo, a young mole who is due to start working for his father at his legendary gold mine but dreams of playing football for England in the Wild Cup.

When a gold-obsessed villain known as ‘The Boss’ attempts to bully townsfolk into selling the mine, Mungo and his friends must do all they can to stop him.