Lewes Bonfire attracts crowds of 60,000

bonfire web pic
bonfire web pic

MORE than 60,000 people descended on Lewes for the legendary bonfire celebrations on Saturday November 5.

Sussex Police reported less arrests but more injuries at the event this year, a number of which were firework related.

Around 33,000 people arrived in Lewes by train, with officers from British Transport Police and Sussex Police on hand to manage crowds.

This photo shows Waterloo Bonfire Society’s tableau.

It depicts the former News of the World editor Rebekah Brooks riding on the back of an “outdated dinosaur” with the head of Rupert Murchoch and the body of a dinosaur.

The Sussex Express is producing a 12 page souvenir bonfire supplement with photos, reports and interviews, which will be published on Friday November 11.

For all your Lewes Bonfire news pick up a copy on Friday.