LEWES BONFIRE: Commercial Square

Commercial Square Bonfire Society, founded in 1855, was not alone in choosing to depict former president of Fifa Sepp Blatter for its tableau last year '“ Cliffe also opted to create him in sculpture.

The CSBS created him with his hands held in front of a giant World Cup and with cash stuffed in his pockets and dollar signs on his tie. This followed a huge scandal at world football’s governing body, which eventually led to his departure.

The society is known for its controversial tableaux; in 2014 it was one of two societies that depicted the then Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond, at the time of the independence referendum and its appearance attracted plenty of media attention.

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Its tableau this year, like those previously and following Bonfire tradition, will be destroyed by fireworks at its fire site, along with the destruction of its effigies of Guy Fawkes and Pope Paul V, set pieces and its aerial display, at Landport Road.

CSBS’s celebrations will kick off with its children’s procession.

After its remembrance, third and town processions, the grand will commence around 9.30pm, moving off from its headquarters at the Elephant and Castle pub, on White Hill, and weaving its way via Offham Road, Kingsley Rd, Meridian Rd, Eridge Green to the fire site.

Spectators can expect the procession to be led, as per tradition, by members dressed as American Indians, its first pioneers, complete with feathered headdresses. They will be followed by the second pioneer group in American Civil War costumes, and the smugglers dressed in the society’s gold and black striped jumpers will form the bulk of the torchlit parade.

Its banners will light the sky as they march and there will be music from brass and samba bands.