Lewes Bonfire: Keep the tradition alive

Lewes Bonfire 2014
Lewes Bonfire 2014

You can feel the tension mounting when you wait for Bonfire to begin in Lewes.

On the most important day in the town’s calendar, first you notice some of the shops are boarded up.

Other traders are hurriedly nailing wooden boards to their shop windows.

The town seems emptier than usual as office workers are sent home early.

Bonfire Boys and Girls dressed as Smugglers, Vikings and Cavaliers march proudly through the streets on their way to prepare for the biggest night of the year.

Every so often the explosion of a banger can be heard ricocheting through the town.

In the far flung corners of Lewes, the finishing touches are being put to bonfires and tableaux.

Then the first processions begin, the drums and the music sound.

Bangers explode and smoke billows across the medieval roof tops.

The Bonfire Society members begin their processions through Lewes.

It is a magical night, full of wonder, surprises and a hint of rebellion, bringing to mind the old Sussex saying and motto of Cliffe Bonfire Society: We wunt be druv.

Let us all join and celebrate this wonderful Sussex tradition together on November 5. Long may it continue.