LEWES BONFIRE: Southover Bonfire Society


‘Advance’ – that is the motto of Southover Bonfire Society and likely to be heard being yelled by members during tomorrow’s celebrations for this the 411th anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot and the 461th anniversary of the burning of the first of the Lewes martyrs.

SBS was re-formed 11 years ago and commander in chief Thomas Gent says that it is in a “very strong position” as a society.

Around 100 members marched in the reformed society’s first procession in 2005 and there were 600 members expected to march through the streets last year for its 10th anniversary.

Its grand procession will move from its headquarters the King’s Head pub, on Southover Street from around 8.10pm, weaving its through Bell Lane, Winterbourne Ln, Delaware Road, Brighton Rd and Western Rd where its town procession will start and continue to its fire site at Stanley Turner Ground, on Kingston Rd.

It will include members dressed as Cluniac monks, its first pioneer group, buccaneers, its second pioneer group, and its smugglers in the red and black guernsey, all processing as its torches blaze and drums sound.