Lewes Day of Action helped to address local issues

The Cliffe area of Lewes. Image: Google Maps
The Cliffe area of Lewes. Image: Google Maps

A day of action conceived by Lewes police prevention officers and Lewes District Council’s Neighbourhood First Team to address matters of local concern and held on Thursday (March 1) proved a success.

A bitterly cold day clearly had an effect on who was out and about, but several motorists were spoken to about using the Cliffe pedestrian precinct as a cut through.

Most drivers spoken to explained that they were unaware that this is not permissible and officers took the time to show them pictures of the signage and advise them accordingly. Signage is under review with council and highways colleagues to further clarify matters.

Officers also spoke with members of the street community, signposting support services and offering advice. One referral was made directly to ‘Homeworks’ for a bespoke support package.

PC Daran Goudie said: “Although the weather had some impact on who was out and about, and clearly reduced the traffic issues in Cliffe High Street, it was still a very successful operation.

“It was invaluable to be able to introduce members of the Lewes Business Community and public to our colleagues from Neighbourhood First and also to share our ideas with local councillors.”

Inspector Simon Burroughs, of the Lewes prevention team, said: “Those participating received great feedback from businesses and members of the public.

“We will be conducting more joint agency operations, not only in Lewes but other towns and areas throughout the district to support all elements of our community.”