Lewes district Lib Dems put forward extreme weather package

A £500,000 package to reduce the effects of extreme weather is being put before Lewes District Council by the Lib Dem opposition at Wednesday’s budget meeting.

“It’s too late to argue about what’s changing the weather, we need action,” said cllr Peter Gardiner.

“Our cliffs, beaches and floodplains are under attack. Lewes District Council can take the lead by putting up money to help protect residents and businesses from damages.

“We are asking for support from across the political spectrum. It affects all our towns and villages.”

The proposal includes up to £350,000 of the council’s reserves for flooding and drainage projects, £100,000 to develop measures to reduce peak flows through river catchments and £30,000 to investigate potential damage from land slides, including cliffs, with a view to bid for Government funds.

A separate fund of £30,000 would investigate the vulnerability of business and residences to wind and storm.