Lewes firefighters helping residents with emergency shopping supplies

Firefighters in Lewes helping elderly residents SUS-180103-124140001
Firefighters in Lewes helping elderly residents SUS-180103-124140001

The temperature may have dropped but good-will is soaring at Lewes Community fire station.

In between emergency calls, Red Watch, Lewes have been out in their local community, knocking on people’s doors and checking they had enough bread, milk and emergency supplies.

A spokesperson said, “Crews were able to locate elderly people by asking their neighbours.

“Elderly people in particular have been badly affected by the weather with carers not being able to get to them, so the kind-hearted action of the crews has quite literally, been a life-saver.

Once loaded up with shopping orders, Red Watch crews headed off to Tesco in Lewes and were even able to negotiate a discount with the store.

Steve Deacon, watch manager for Red Watch, said, “When we delivered all the shopping, we were able to talk to people about fire safety and keeping safe in their homes, so it was a great opportunity to ensure people were safe.

“Red Watch are doing an absolutely fantastic job and we’ll be looking out for anyone else in need of support.”