Lewes football fans asked to say no to Page 3

Campaigners ready for their 70s  fancy dress billboard launch
Campaigners ready for their 70s fancy dress billboard launch

Football fans will be encouraged to say no to The Sun newspaper featuring page 3 girls when they go to matches at The Dripping Pan.

They will be greeted by a 20ft billboard asking them to sign the No More Page 3 campaign petition at the Mountfield Road home of Lewes Community Football Club.

The new season got off to a winning start for the campaigners who want the national newspaper to stop printing photos of topless women on page 3.

The billboard will be at the Rooks’ ground for the whole season thanks to the partnership between Lewes Community Football Club and No More Page 3.

Carmel Offord, speaking for No More Page 3 Brighton and Hove, said: “We are thrilled to have the support of Lewes FC.

“We hope the huge billboard will be a great visual sign to get people to sign the petition and think carefully about the negative message Page 3 sends out about women’s position in society and the appropriateness of soft porn in a family newspaper.

“We think we are on the winning team with Lewes FC.”

The No More Page 3 campaign will celebrate its 2nd birthday over the bank holiday weekend.

With almost 200,000 signatures on the petition, the unveiling of the billboard at Lewes FC on Monday will be the excuse for a party that local supporters have been looking for.

Supporters will attend the match wearing No More Page 3 T-shirts and will be inviting people to sign the petition to relegate Page 3 to the history books.

Supporters of No More Page 3 will be celebrating in 1970s fancy dress in keeping with the national celebrations and the tea party being held outside The Sun’s headquarters in London the day before they visit Lewes.

No more Page 3 supporters believe Page 3 shouldn’t have made it out of the sexist 70s and are politely requesting that The Sun stop printing it.

However, they are not against nudity or modelling.

“Every weekday, for the last 44 years, the largest image of a female in The Sun Newspaper has been of a young woman showing her breasts for men, indicating that whatever else a woman achieves, her primary role is to serve men sexually. Pretty rubbish that really.”

The No More Page 3 campaign proudly supports Lewes Community Football Club, as well as sponsoring Cheltenham Town Ladies FC and Nottingham Forest FC football kits.

Members would like to see a fairer representation of women in The Sun newspaper, starting with Page 3.