Lewes group welcomes review decision


Subud Lewes has welcomed the news a scrutiny review panel found the decision to award it the bid for the former St Anne’s School a sound one.

Pam Hewitt, chair of Subud Lewes, said: “We are heartened by its recommendation that East Sussex County Council will support and advise us in our community engagement.

“One of the key concerns of people in Lewes was the extent of community use at St Anne’s once Subud develops the site.

“At our present location, we currently use our halls only 25 per cent of the time and the community uses them for 75 per cent of the time. We plan to stay close to this ratio at St Anne’s, where the public will also have access to a public garden and other areas.

“In October and November last year we shared our ideas for the community use of St Anne’s and received many exciting proposals from the community for using this site.

“In advance of the review meetings, county cllr Ruth O’Keeffe received over 50 emails and letters from people wishing to contribute to the scrutiny process by expressing their feelings about the bid process and the Subud bid itself.

“Almost all were in favour of the bid and happy with the process by which it was chosen. The majority of those who sent in emails and letters were not Subud members.

“These included existing hirers of our halls who welcome the opportunity to expand as well as other professionals and people in the community wanting to set up new projects.

“We will publish dates for the next round of Open Days to discuss our plans.”