Lewes Little Theatre to go on tour

As part of its Community Theatre remit, Lewes Little Theatre has formed a Touring Company to perform in local towns and villages.

Polly Honeycombe, a delightful short comedy written by George Colman in 1760, has been chosen for its next tour.

No royalties are payable and it can be easily adapted for performances at a variety of venues – pubs, village halls, churches, tents etc. Outdoor performances would also be feasible, weather permitting.

The play lasts for 45 minutes and therefore lends itself to two, or even three, performances at festivals during the course of the day.

It is being performed at the Lewes Little Theatre from tomorrow (Saturday) until October 19 each evening (except Sunday) after the interval that follows Crime and Punishment, an award-winning adaptation of Dostoyevsky’s classic novel – thought to be the world’s first psychological thriller.

Set in St Petersburg during the mid-19th century, it revolves around Raskolnikov – an impoverished student who kills an unscrupulous pawnbroker, arguing that he can use her wealth to perform good deeds and counterbalance the crime while ridding the world of worthless vermin.

The touring company is keen to meet any organisers of events, fund-raising activities or venues where outreach theatre would be welcomed and hope that anyone interested will attend a performance to assess the opportunity. Terms will be agreed on a profit share basis after costs have been met.

Tickets for Crime and Punishment / Polly Honeycombe can currently be purchased from the Theatre Box Office, Lancaster Street, Lewes, BN7 2PX (01273 474826).