Lewes MP pays tribute to Seaford councillor in acceptance speech

Lewes MP Maria Caulfield has paid tribute to a Seaford councillor after returning with an increased majority.

In her acceptance speech, Ms Caulfield paid tribute to Lewes District councillor Paul Gander, who died yesterday. Cllr Gander had represented Ouse Valley and Ringmer Ward.

Conserative Maria Caulfield has increased her majority.

Conserative Maria Caulfield has increased her majority.

She said: "Two years ago it was a huge honour to be elected as the member of parliament for Lewes.

"But tonight is an even greater honour as I have been returned after two years being the MP.

"For all those who voted for me I give a heartfelt thank you. I will work tirelessly to represent the constituency of Lewes in Westminster.

"For those who didn't vote for me I will work day and night to try and secure your vote next time and to represent your views in Westminster to the best of my ability.

"I just also want to pay tribute to councillor Paul Gander who sadly died yesterday. He was here just a few weeks ago standing as a candidate in the county council elections, unsuccessfully.

"He was taken into hospital last week with heart problems and, as befitted Paul, he was texting me saying he was sorry he couldn't make the election.

"Paul was a big bundle of fun. He was a real character and this is for you Paul."

Ms Caulfield was returned as MP for Lewes with an increased majority gaining 26,820 votes, ahead of Liberal Democrat Kelly-Marie Blundell who received 21,312 votes and Labour candidate Daniel Chapman who received 6,060 votes.