Lewes OctoberFeast is all in the best possible taste

The fourth Lewes OctoberFeast, the 10-day celebration of local food and drink, promises to be bigger than ever.

The county town will feature a host of unique and original events from September 27 until October 6 – and literally cater for all tastes.

Tony Leonard, Chair of the Lewes OctoberFeast Committee, said: “Faced with multinational food producers who don’t know what goes into their own lasagnes and billion-pound retailers who don’t actually know what they are selling, the value of buying from local businesses who are on first name terms with all of their suppliers couldn’t be clearer.

“So the message from OctoberFeast is this: small is good; independent businesses don’t use mechanically recovered slurry in sausages or meat from 101 different animals in a single burger.

“Support our local farmers, producers, brewers, winemakers, retailers, restaurateurs and publicans and they’ll make sure the food you eat is the best it can possibly be.”

Among many highlights over the 10 days will be a Street Food Feast with musical accompaniment on October 28 to celebrate the start of the event, at the backyard of Harveys Brewery in Jenner’s Way from noon until 4pm.

Apple pressing returns to the Market Tower and, to make up for last year, the 2013 harvest is forecast to be particularly good.

Sessions will take place on September 28 and 29, and October 5, from 10am-4pm. Donations of 50p per litre.

Pop-up suppers, tasting sessions galore and even live theatre ... visit www.lewesoctoberfeast.com for details.