Lewes osteopath turns author


Amanda M Clarke, who created and ran a successful osteopathic clinic in Lewes for 10 years, sold her practice due to her own spinal problems in 2000.

Undeterred, she abandoned medicine to reveal a new talent... as an author.

Her new novel Divine Imperfection has been decribed by Tara Gladden, author and reader for the Cornerstones Literary Consultancy, as “by turns erotic, disturbing, thought-provoking and laugh out loud funny. It is an epic story of the clash between science and religion, cynicism and faith, fear and desire.”

Alison Hennessy, former editor at Random House, described some of the scenes as “horribly chilling”.

Set in 2028, the wealthy elite are taking refuge from anti-capitalist terrorists at the University of the Irish Space Centre, an independent research biosphere owned by the world’s most successful commercial enterprise, UDAN Corporations.

When Dan Downs, a new charismatic philosophy tutor, arrives to teach the students, Mary, Head of Genetics, and her colleague Lewis, an AI whizz kid, both become deeply infatuated with him.

Mary learns the truth: Dan has waited seven years to become her suitor. Torture in childhood has left him severely mutilated and fatally ill. However, if Mary can accept him as he is, Dan is satisfied they can have a future together.

Determined to save Dan, Mary gives him an ultimatum: he either accepts her offer of medical intervention or she will have no choice but to walk away.

Convinced that his survival is due to his connection to a Divine Cosmic Intelligence, Dan refuses and if Mary can’t love him as he is, he threatens to take the UISC community to hell with him.

Divine Imperfection is the first in a three-part series. The book has so far been made available only as an e-book, with traditional printing perhaps to come later. It is available through Amazon.