Lewes parking row man wants refund for lack of service


Newly-arrived Lewes resident Tom Heyworth is demanding a refund for a parking service he says he never received.

He and his family moved to the county town on Saturday and paid for two parking bays to be suspended outside their new home to avoid blocking the street with a removal truck.

The two bays in Western Road were charged at £34 from the Lewes Parking Shop, said Mr Heyworth.

“On the day of the move a local resident parked in one of the bays until around midday meaning the removal truck couldn’t use them,” he said.

“On immediately notifying the Parking Shop we were told they couldn’t enforce the suspension by removing the car, all they could do was phone the owner of the car who of course ignored their calls.”

Mr Heyworth continued: “The removal truck was forced to pull up in a bus stop and ferry our belongings some distance in the rain to our new home which incurred us a significant higher charge from them and disrupted busy Saturday traffic.

“The one thing that did happen very quickly was a parking officer to turn up and place a fine on the offending car in the bays. Now I am not a greedy man but feel our fee for the suspended bays should be refunded as not only were they of no use to us but the Parking Shop has issued a £70 fine to the offending car to their benefit.

“However, the parking shop has refused to issue any refund and says the suspension of bays cannot be enforced.

“This amounts to false advertising in my eyes, the selling of a service that can never be provided.”

An East Sussex County Council spokesman said on Wednesday: “It costs us money to suspend parking bays and we do everything we can to ensure they’re kept clear for people who’ve paid to use them, so it’s frustrating that another driver has chosen to ignore the signs and block Mr Heyworth’s bay.”