Lewes pensioner’s fury over parking fine

Threat of bailiffs ... angry Lewes pensioner Frank Hauser
Threat of bailiffs ... angry Lewes pensioner Frank Hauser

A pensioner is furious at a council warning to send bailiffs to his house for a parking fine he was found not liable to receive.

Seventy-six-year-old Frank Hauser, of Clevedown, Lewes, said he was handed a parking ticket for leaving his car in a disabled space without a blue badge.

Mr Hauser says he has since taken the case to a tribunal which found he shouldn’t have been fined, as he was physically disabled at the time.

But he said the county council continued sending him letters with escalating fines reaching up to £245, and most recently said it would be sending bailiffs over.

The grandfather of four said: “I felt it was unjust. I’m not going to pay them a penny.

“I don’t want people outside my front door, they are not coming in.

“They are harassing a 76-year-old unnecessarily. I have just come out of hospital for a fractured spine, it’s stress I don’t need.”

Mr Hauser received the ticket on January 30 after parking in a disabled space in Southover Road.

An independent adjudicator looked at the case and, according to East Sussex County Council, agreed the reason for giving the ticket was valid but due to Mr Hauser’s circumstances he was not ‘liable’ for the penalty.

Now he says he wants an apology and potentially compensation for all the ‘time, hassle, and pressure’ the situation has caused.

A spokesperson for East Sussex County Council said: “A ticket was issued by our parking enforcement officer because Mr Hauser had parked his vehicle in one of the limited number of disabled bays in Lewes without having displayed a valid Blue Badge.

“While the independent adjudicator agreed that the reason for the ticket was valid, she ruled that Mr Hauser should not be liable for the penalty charge due to his mitigating evidence. We accept that ruling.

“Unfortunately a computer error has meant that Mr Hauser has received further correspondence about the penalty charge notice.

“This shouldn’t have happened and we apologise for any distress this may have caused.

“We have now corrected this and Mr Hauser will receive no further correspondence.”