Lewes play area equipment arrives

Ruth O'Keeffe at the playground
Ruth O'Keeffe at the playground

Lewes District councillor Ruth O’Keeffe was happy to see equipment arriving at the Convent Field play area after years of campaigning for the funding for it to be released by the council.

“I am told the play area will be open soon once the last of the equipment has been installed,” she said.

“I will be continuing to pursue the question of other unspent Section 106 money which has been allocated for play equipment and outdoor recreation within Lewes, and have also started to look at other allocations of funding received under Section 106 to do with developments in the town received for other purposes over the last decade which are as yet unspent by Lewes District Council.

“Seeing the play equipment arrive at Convent Field is a very welcome start but there is still more to be done to get the money already allocated, received and held by the council spent on the things it was designed to fund.”