Lewes Pound special edition marks Mumford & Sons Stopover


A special edition of the Lewes Pound, the county town’s very own currency, has been produced to celebrate the Mumford & Sons Gentlemen Of The Road Stopover this weekend.

The LP5 and LP1 notes are identical to the regular ones on the front side with special artwork on the back, agreed with the event organisers.

They will be valid in exactly the same way as the current notes, so exchange all your cash and spend them in many Lewes businesses or indeed at the Country Fayre on the Priory site if you have tickets for the weekend. Or buy just one as an unusual souvenir of the weekend

The Lewes Pound has a stall at the Priory, exchanging sterling for LPs and vice-versa in the usual way. It is hoped to have some special collectors’ packs available too.

The Lewes Pound, a complementary currency used alongside sterling, is a creative yet practical way for local people to make money work for the town. It is driven by economic, environmental and social considerations. Money spent locally stays within the community and is re-used many times, multiplying wealth and building resilience in the local economy.

Supporting local businesses and goods reduces the need for transport and minimises our carbon footprint. Spending money in local outlets strengthens the relationships between local shopkeepers and the community and supports people finding new ways to make a living. The Lewes Pound also benefits shoppers by creating stronger and more local shops, increasing a sense of pride in the community.