Lewes’s collapsed ancient castle curtain wall - rebuilding it is not an option

Part of Lewes Castle wall which collapsed. Picture by Eddie Mitchell
Part of Lewes Castle wall which collapsed. Picture by Eddie Mitchell

The full horror of the collapsed section of the ancient castle curtain wall I can see from my bedroom window.

It lies as tons of chalky rubble in my neighbours garden. All the various people involved in the emergency security of the area, who have been working so hard, know only too well the logistics of removing all this is a nightmare. Now I understand many of the Heritage lobby, the council and many others will be scratching their heads working out what to do next. I am sure they will consult widely on this. May I as a local resident suggest that rebuilding is not a feasible option.

This curtain wall is extremely old and has all the significant value that that brings to history buffs. Yet even before it collapsed this wall was barely visible to visitors to Lewes.

It backs on to an unmade up road, well behind the main high street, where only through binoculars can you see it at all.

Alongside this is the question of why there was a collapse when bits of this wall were repaired only two years ago.

We need to consider our weather is wilder and the site of the wall is clearly precarious to a property or two.

The cost of rebuilding, if it is mainly borne by the local council would surely be vast. Our council is overstretched already. Could this idea appeal I wonder?

Local people and visitors pass from the Maltings carpark through a lovely area that has recently been beautifully restored and aptly known as the Garden of Peace.

It gives access also straight into the high street, so plenty of footfall. If a big panel of the old curtain wall was incorporated into the existing attractive 20th century wall boundaries of Castlegate House and Castle Court gardens, it would add to the appeal of this restful sitting spot.

Imaginative perspec to cover the curtain section with a historical guide. This would be the chance for visitors to Lewes to read, sit and ponder the wonders of this wonderful town of ours.

This overcomes all need to rebuild as was without losing sight of the history.

Harriett Wyndham

Castle Wall House,

Castle Gate,