Lewes Speakers Festival line-up revealed

Author Terry Waite is one of the speakers on this summer's line-up
Author Terry Waite is one of the speakers on this summer's line-up
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Brexit, North Korea and the history of the Submarine Spitfire are just a few of a wide range of topics to be tackled at this summer’s Lewes Speakers Festival.

The festival, which brings together some of the most exciting speakers in the UK, takes place at The All Saints Centre between July 21- 23.

Confirmed speakers include the former BBC chief news correspondent and war reporter Kate Adie, Auschwitz survivor and Second World War Hungarian resistance fighter Iby Knill, and Terry Waite, who spent five years in captivity in Beirut and who will reflect on his experience and share his views on faith, hope and the power of forgiveness.

Other speakers include the Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee and former Director of Public Reporting at the Audit Commission David Walker, who will put forward a case that the British state has been systematically attacked and dismembered by cuts in recent years.

Meanwhile Roy Hattersley, who served in Jim Callaghan’s cabinet and who later became Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, explains the history of Catholics in Britain and Ireland, Sir Alan Munro, who was Ambassador to Saudi Arabia and Dame Jenni Murray, who has presented BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour since 1987, who gives a history of Britain through the lives of 21 women.

Also appearing will be former British Ambassador to North Korea Jim Hoare, the Spitfire pilot Paul Beaver, former Chair of the British Psychoanalytical Council Coline Covington, Sunday Times foreign editor Peter Conradi, Panorama’s Tom Mangold and Peter Clark a British Council expert on the Middle East who gives an account on what life was like under the Assads and his experience of Syrian society.

For a full list of the speakers, their chosen topics to book tickets, visit www.lewesspeakersfestival.com.

Alternatively ring the festival’s Booking Line on 0333 666 3366