Lewes Tesco accused of ‘sneaky’ reduction in parking hours

The Lewes branch of Tesco
The Lewes branch of Tesco

There has been an angry reaction after the time limit for parking at Tesco in Lewes was suddenly reduced from three hours to two.

One local resident posted on social media on Wednesday (April 10) that officials from Horizon Parking, which camera monitors and controls vehicles using the site, were covering up the three-hour restriction information boards and replacing them with two.

The poster said the reduction in time had come without warning and said: “I asked one operative if they had anything in place to warn users. He declined to comment.

“I fear a tidy few will be caught out by this sneaky move especially as the school holidays are upon us. Please inform friends and neighbours.”

Local councillor Stephen Catlin alerted Lewes District Council to the development.

He was told that when the free parking hours were originally approved a condition was that the maximum stay would be three hours.

The applicants had argued that a shrter term use would maintain efficient turnover, while also ensuring that levels of parking accumulation did not exceed the supply available.

Now it is understood the council is contacting Tesco to point out that an application would have to be made to change the time limit.

As no submission had been made the store must ensure that all signage relating to parking at the site clearly refers to the three-hour maximum stay period.