Lewes Town Council election results


BALL Bill (Socialist Labour Party) 257; BLAIR Louis Robert

(Labour) 348; CREES Martin (Green Party) 507; FARLIE Victor John Peter (Labour) 266; GOODCHILD Angela Mary (Labour) 322;

HEATH Robert (Green Party) 493; JAMES Andrew Paul (Labour) 286; KENT Matt (Green Party) 653 ELECTED; KINGHAM Petrina

(Liberal Democrat) 576 ELECTED; LI Sam (Liberal Democrat) 542 ELECTED; MACCLEARY James (Liberal Democrat) 604 ELECTED; MCGILLIGAN Nicola Ann (Green Party) 476; MILNER Merlin Benedict Christopher (Liberal Democrat) 602 ELECTED; REED

Patti (Green Party) 458; RIDDIHOUGH Barbara Anne (Liberal Democrat) 472; ROBINSON Nick (Conservative) 305; SAWYER

Anne Louise (Labour) 312; SPENCER Jonathan (Labour) 346;

STIRLING Alfie (Green Party) 433; STOCKDALE John (Liberal Democrat) 747 ELECTED; WILSON Ian Patterson (UK Independence Party) 161.


BLACK Richard (Labour) 423; BOALER Julie (Labour) 350; CHARTIER Mike (Liberal Democrat) 914 ELECTED; CORNWALL

Lena Maria (Labour) 372; CORNWALL Malcolm George (Labour) 337;

DALY Jim (Liberal Democrat) 762 ELECTED; EDMUNDS Donna (Conservative) 312; GEORGE Steve (Green Party) 598; HASAN

Sam (Labour) 317; LAMPORT Derek Thomas Anthony (Liberal Democrat); 606 ELECTED; MURRAY Roger (Green Party) 602 ELECTED; MURRAY Susan Jean (Green Party First Choice) 665 ELECTED; PARKIN Nathan Charo Lacey (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts) 122; PILOTT Howard (Green Party) 426;

PIPER Barry (Liberal Democrat) 548; RAPLEY Keith Joseph (Green Party) 483; SERRECCHIA Lorraine (Green Party) 530; SINCLAIR

Jim (Liberal Democrat) 576; TURNER Mike (Liberal Democrat)

710 ELECTED; YOUNG Joseph (Labour) 301.


BARKER Adam Kenneth (Liberal Democrat) 845; BARLOW Joyce

(Liberal Democrat) 902; CATLIN Catlin (Tobacconist in Lewes)

1167 ELECTED; CURTIS Aaron (Liberal Democrat) 772; DANGOOR

Simon David (Labour) 628; DEAN Amanda (Liberal Democrat) 978 ELECTED; EILOART Ian (Liberal Democrat) 962 ELECTED; FLAKE

Peter Lynton (Liberal Democrat) 498; HOPPER Trevor Hugh (Labour) 598; MACDERMOTT Aran (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts) 291; MOORE Kevin Anthony (Labour) 530; O’KEEFFE

Ruth (Independent) 2583 ELECTED; PRICE Ashley (Green Party)

996 ELECTED; RUDKIN Richard John Anthony (Green Party) 936 ELECTED; SERRECCHIA Luisa (Green Party) 884; WALLEDGE Angela Mary (Conservative) 515; WATTS Stephen (Labour) 727.