Lewes USA battered and flooded by Hurricane Sandy

Flooding in Lewes USA. Photo courtesy of Tim Furlong.
Flooding in Lewes USA. Photo courtesy of Tim Furlong.

Lewes’ namesake in the USA has been battered and drenched by Hurricane Sandy, with large parts of the Delaware town now under water.

Winds up to nearly 60mph and the driving rain have meant residents either left the area or spent much of yesterday protecting property against rising water levels.

Widespread power blackouts have been reported and various properties have been damaged.

A Red Cross centre was opened up in Lewes yesterday (Sunday) with several people queueing to get in.

Some of the streets are now waist-high in water and the whole of Delaware is under a state of emergency.

Comments on Twitter from residents reveal the extent of the problem.

One man tweeted: “Lewes is getting pounded”.

Another said: “Everything in Lewes is underwater... I am actually about to cry.”

Hurricane Sandy, now dubbed Frankenstorm, is expected to continue its way through the area until around Wednesday.

There were fears that a full moon and high tide today would cause the most damage.