Lewes wall in danger of collapsing as households told to evacuate

Cottages near Lewes Castle have been told to vacate their homes amid fears a heritage wall is in danger of collapsing.

Saxum Stone Masons alerted residents in Mount Cottages that the supporting flint wall to their homes was unstable on Monday (May 9) whilst carrying out work on another wall on the opposite side of the Castle Rise footpath.

The company was carrying out emergency repairs to prevent a collapse onto the footpath when it noticed the heritage wall near the castle looked in danger of collapsing.

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Sussex Archaeological Society said the stretch of the wall in question is privately owned, rather being in the care of the Castle.

Castle Rise footpath remained closed as wall repairs continued

A spokesperson at Lewes District Council, said: "Their report confirms a risk that the wall is in danger of collapse and that neighbouring properties should be vacated while further assessments are carried out and mitigations considered.

"These are precautionary measures until we are satisfied that there is no risk to residents in the area.

The council is offering full support, including accommodation, to all those affected by these developments."

The unstable wall is located 270 years from Lewes Castle and the Castle Rise footpath remains closed for today (May 13).

A spokesperson for Sussex Past stressed the castle was open to visit as normal.

In November 2019, a privately-owned piece of the castle wall collapsed causing significant damage.