Lib Dems call on County Council to learn from Birmingham Adult Care High Court case

The West Sussex County Council Liberal Democrat group is today (Friday) calling on the Tory -led County Council to cease its defence of the Judicial Review initiated by the Don’t Cut Us Out Campaign following yesterdays (Thursday) High Court ruling.

Dr James Walsh, Deputy Group Leader, said: “The Birmingham judgement, on grounds very similar to the West Sussex petition presented to Councillors’ last week, stated that disabled individuals were not sufficiently considered in the application of the cuts, means that West Sussex should stop wasting £100,000 of taxpayers’ money in defending the indefensible.

“It should heed the judgement of the court, and cease its current implementation of the social services cuts, and have a thorough review of its consultation process, and of its decision to withdraw social services and grants from 4,000 vulnerable people across West Sussex.

“The three Bishops for West Sussex, together with 20,000 people signing the petition, cannot all be wrong or misguided. The policy of the County Council is ill-conceived, rushed, and will probably turn out to be more expensive in the medium to long-term.”

It is extremely noteworthy that those involved in the protest against the cuts last Friday at County Hall included 3 trustees of the Aldingbourne Centre, Mr Dick Bunker, a former Director of Education, Richard Perry a former assistant Director of Social Services, and the immediate past Director of Social Services, Mr John Dixon, and this week his predecessor as Director of Social Services, Mr Roger Mortimer has also joined the chorus of protest and concern.