Life saving equipment will treat heart attacks in Telscombe Cliffs

Telscombe Civic Centre receives its defibrillator.
Telscombe Civic Centre receives its defibrillator.

A DEVICE which saves people’s lives when they suffer a heart attack has been put in place at Telscombe Civic Centre.

Any member of the public will be able to use the debrilliator, which will be outside the main entrance to the centre in South Coast Road.

It is easy to use, self explanatory and it has voice prompts to tell the user exactly what to do.

Local and county councillors, as well as Civic Centre staff, undertook a training session with South East Coast Ambulance Service associate trainers Philip and Joy Ashton to learn how to use the defibrillator and carry out basic life support.

South East Coast Ambulance Service said this was part of a wider programme placing these ‘state of the art’ defibrillators in public places to enable the public to assist anyone who has collapsed with cardiac or heart problems.

Community First Responder team leader Phil Ashton said: “This is the first Public Automated Defibrillator site in Telscombe Cliffs, a very busy area for emergency calls; with a high percentage of these 999 calls being for patients with chest pain and cardiac emergencies.

“This Public Automated Defibrillator (PAD) will support out community and help out local Ambulance Responder Team volunteers, before the Ambulance Service arrives on site.”

Mayor of Telscombe John Livings expressed his thanks to South East Coast Ambulance Service for placing this life saving equipment at the Telscombe Civic Centre, in South Coast Road, and making it freely available to local people in an emergency.

The Mayor of Peacehaven, Councillor Phil Howson also thanked the trainers who are the team leaders of the local team of volunteers, the Ambulance Responder Team, who support local people in time critical situations whilst waiting for the ambulance.

Peacehaven and Telscombe Community Responders is a voluntary group which is sent out to 999 calls to help a patient before the paramedics arrive. Responders are particularly important with heart attacks where the sooner the patient is stabilised, the more chance they have of survival. Visit their website www.arestcommunityresponders.