Lifeboat calls to Pevensey and Beachy Head

LIFEBOATS roared into action after a series of emergency calls were made last weekend.

Both Eastbourne lifeboats raced to the beach under Beachy Head cliffs on Saturday afternoon, August 20.

A ‘Pan Pan’ call had been received about a group of holidaymakers enjoying a barbecue on the beach.

It had been reported that the large group were cut off by the tide.

But the lifeboat crews found the group were content to let the tide to recede whilst having the barbecue.

The next morning the inshore lifeboat (ILB) helped coastguard and police recover a casualty at Beachy Head.

Later on the volunteer crew was called to the beach at Pevensey. A report was made that two youths were having difficulties returning to the beach in an inflatable dinghy.

A third person was reported to have been swimming out to the duo to help them.

At the scene the lifeboat crew found the young people had made their own way safely ashore.

In the evening the all weather lifeboat towed a 29ft motor cruiser from Pevensey Bay to Sovereign Harbour. The boat had lost engine power and was drifting helplessly in the tide.