Lifeboat launched to Beachy Head hikers

Eastbourne lifeboat
Eastbourne lifeboat

Eastbourne RNLI’s inshore lifeboat launched to hikers thought to be in danger of being cut off by the tide at Beachy Head on Sunday May 13 at 3pm.

The skipper of a yacht rounding Beachy Head informed Dover Coastguard when he noticed a couple on the beach and thought they had been cut off by the tide.

Eastbourne’s inshore lifeboat was launched and was quickly on scene.

The couple were found to be aware of the state of tide and were in no danger.

An RNLI spokesman said the incident served as a timely reminder to walkers along this potentially hazardous stretch of coastline that tide tables should be consulted before venturing along the beach between Birling Gap and Cow Gap.