Lifeboat rescues motorboat which runs aground in Peacehaven

Newhaven Lifeboat rescues small motorboat.
Newhaven Lifeboat rescues small motorboat.

A small motorboat ran aground in Peacehaven at 6pm on Wednesday April 23.

Newhaven Lifeboat was called to the rescue after the boat’s engine failed.

The two people on board tried to repair the engines, which had shut down and lost power.

As a result the radio stopped working but fortunately they were able to contact the Coastguard by using their mobile phones.

The signal was poor due to being at the base of the cliffs but their location was established and the lifeboat was launched.

It was quickly found east of the Old Radar Station in Peacehaven.

Two lifeboat crew made their way to the shore on the lifeboat’s inflatable Y daughter boat.

The two people were not injured and a tow line was attached to the boat.

It was taken to Newhaven Lifeboat Station and left with the Coastguard.

The lifeboat was ready for service again at 9.47pm.