Lifeboat tasked to two people over cliffs at Birling Gap

Newhaven Lifeboat
Newhaven Lifeboat

Reports of two people over the cliffs at Birling Gap sparked a response from Newhaven Lifeboat on Wednesday Auugust 13.

The lifeboat was on a training exercise when it was called to the scene at 7.15pm.

The first person who was reported to have gone over the cliffs was believed to have serious injuries but was still alive.

As Newhaven Lifeboat headed to the cliffs at speed, three lifeboat crew were readied in dry suits and the inflatable Y boat was prepared ready for launch.

On route further reports were received that a second person had also gone over the cliffs near where the first person had fallen, the condition of the second casualty was unknown.

As soon as the lifeboat arrived at the scene the Y boat was immediately launched with three crew complete with full first aid equipment.

The Y boat made its way close to shore through the choppy conditions.

At this time the police helicopter and then Coastguard rescue helicopter 104 arrived along

with land ambulances. The Y boat was then asked to hold a position off shore.

Shortly afterwards at approximately 8pm it was confirmed that land based paramedics were with the casualty and the Y boat returned to the main lifeboat, which was then stood down and returned to station.

Sadly one of the casualties was confirmed dead.