Link road will just increase traffic

The Bexhill to Hastings Link Road seems to feature regularly in the Observer; the latest being dismay in many quarters at the anounced delay to the road’s completion.

But let me assure you that up here in north Hastings there is jubilation and cheering at every report of delays to this developers’ dream and residents’ nightmare. The further off the opening of the link road, the happier we are. Indeed, might we suggest 2021 as a suitable date for the opening ribbon to be cut?

Why 2021? Because East Sussex County Council’s (ESCC) Highways Department has assured us that it will not ‘look at’ Ridge traffic east of Hillside Road until 2016 (its last ‘look’ was in 2012). Therefore if it ‘looks’ again in 2016, take 2017 to record what was looked at, 2018 to discuss the records, 2019 to commission improvements to the eastern Ridge and 2020 before any work is started. So by 2021 The Ridge might just about be ready to cope with the huge traffic increase the Link Road will bring.

Now there are proposals to build, north of Sainbury’s, a business park with a quaint landscape design of three almost interlocking roundabouts. It will take ESCC Highways at least two years to unravel the traffic jams of extra traffic created by this off-Ridge development.

On reflection, perhaps 2023 would be the optimum date to open the link road.

Erica Barrett


Pilot Field Area Residents’ Association