Little Horsted land to generate enough power for 2,400 homes


A detailed planning application has now been lodged with Wealden District Council for an 8.21MWp solar farm - providing power for about 2,400 typical households - on 5.8 hectares of land at Bentley Estate, Little Horsted.

An earlier application took the form of an environmental impact assessment but now the full application is before planners and should go to committee on August 28.

Proposed panels will cover about 23.2 per cent of the 24.8 hectare site as sufficient gaps must be provided between rows of panels to avoid one shading another. Grassy avenues between the rows would be grazed by sheep.

Applicants Lightsource Renewable Energy Ltd., say the scheme will save about 4,100 tonnes of CO2 emissions a year - equivalent to removing 910 standard cars from the road.

They said the development would only have a minor negative impact on the area’s landscape character, itself to be lessened with additional planting in the form of a new hedgerow and the farm is ‘consistent with national and local policy.’