Little Phoebe proves herself one of Santa's special helpers

Little Phoebe Cormack was excited and delighted when she received an Advent Calendar as a gift from her Nana.

Phoebe Cormack
Phoebe Cormack

But seven-year-old Phoebe decided to take action to help other children when she realised that not every youngster was as lucky as her at Christmas.

The determined schoolgirl started to collect chocolate Advent Calendars to spread some festive cheer to other families - and ended up amassing a whopping 58 of them.

“We’re so proud of her,” said mum Sarah who lives with Phoebe’s dad Jamie and sister Hermione, four, in Billingshurst.

“When her Nana gave her an Advent Calendar we got into a conversation about other kids out there who didn’t get any.

“She decided she was going to do something about it.”

“When she started collecting them she told all her friends, all our family and children in her class and asked them if they would take part. She was very excited.

“She ended up getting so many of them that we had them stacked up in our bedroom,” said Sarah.

“And she told everyone: ‘No-one is allowed to touch them’.

The calendars were handed over to the charity group Horsham Matters for inclusion in Christmas hampers for families in need.

“Now,” said mum Sarah, “she wants to do it all again - with Easter eggs. When she gets an idea she has just got to do it.

“But we’re so proud that she’s thinking of other people and not just herself.

“She likes helping other people and is very caring.”