LITTLEHAMPTON HARBOUR UPDATE: Attempt to refloat grounded ship after midnight

A FRESH attempt will be made to refloat the grounded cargo ship MV Mungo in the early hours of tomorrow morning (Thursday, August 18).

The Mungo ran aground close to the mouth of Littlehampton harbour at about 3pm today after suffering what is thought to be a steering failure.

She was carrying a cargo of stone and had a crew of four on board, together with two harbour pilots. No one has been injured in the incident.

A spokesman for Littlehampton Harbour Board said attempts would be made to refloat the Mungo, which is straddling the eastern training wall of the harbour approach, blocking most of the access into Littlehampton, on the next high tide, at 2.30am tomorrow.

Solent Coastguard is co-ordinating the response to the incident, with the Shoreham lifeboat at the scene and a commercial tug reported to be on its way to help.

Littlehampton Coastguard Rescue Team is also attending the incident, together with the Portsmouth Coastguard sector manager.

Solent Coastguard watch manager Alan Waters said: “There are four crew and two pilots on board the vessel. None of them have sustained injuries and all will remain onboard for the time being.

“Once the tug has arrived on scene we will reassess the situation in conjunction with the Littlehampton harbourmaster.”