Loki the cat lucky to be alive after shooting

Loki the cat who was shot in the leg in St Leonards
Loki the cat who was shot in the leg in St Leonards

Loki the cat has lost one of his lives after being shot in the leg in St Leonards.

The young male tabby was found bleeding at his home in Mare Bay Close around 10pm on Monday.

The cat’s owner Callum Muir took him to a local vet where X-rays revealed he had been shot in the front left leg with an air rifle. It is believed he was wandering in the woods near his house when he was attacked. Vets had concerns he would not recover at first but, following some time in a cast, Loki is now on the road to recovery.

Callum said: “It did not look good at first. Both the bones in his lower leg were shattered and dislocated by the pellet and his paw was swollen and bleeding. It was horrible to see him in such pain. He is thankfully doing a lot better now though. The cast is off and he is beginning to hop around. What really scares us though is letting him out again, knowing that there is someone out there who shot him and might do this again.”

RSPCA inspector Ali Edwards said: “We urge anyone with any information about this callous act to come forward and let us know - it was such a pointlessly cruel thing to do. Every year the RSPCA is bombarded with calls from the public reporting cases of animals that have been seriously injured or killed after being deliberately shot by an air gun. Cats are particularly vulnerable, simply because they are out in the open with no one to protect them. Whoever carries out these attacks needs to understand that they are illegal and they face up to six months in prison if caught.”

Anyone with any information should call the RSPCA in confidence on 0300 123 8018.