Look after hearing aid expert talk

WHY not come along to the Polegate Hard of Hearing Group and take the opportunity to meet other people in an easy-to-communicate atmosphere?

The group meets once per month and it is run by the East Sussex Hearing Resource Centre.

Different speakers attend each event to talk on a variety of subjects and equipment is demonstrated which can be of help to hard-of-hearing people.

Attendees will also learn useful tips on how to communicate with deaf or hard-of-hearing people so family and friends are also welcome to visit the meetings.

The next meeting at Polegate will be from 10am until 11.30am in The William Daly Centre, Walnut Walk, on September 24.

The subject for the talk this month is, ‘Looking after your hearing aid’. How long should a battery last? How often should you replace the tube? How do you clean your hearing aid? Come along and find out the answer to these and any other questions you may have about hearing issues.

The talk is to be presented by expert David Rowan.

Everybody is welcome so put a note in your diary.