Look at animal rescue service work - 100 videos online

A CHANCE to see where money is spent at charity East Sussex Wildlife rescue and Ambulance Service has been offered with 100 short videos of the charity’s work on the You Tube website on the internet.

WRAS director Trevor Weeks said: “We are always conscious that the money we spend within the charity is money donated by hardworking and very generous people, and therefore we try to be as effective as possible in what we do. So I thought people might like to see what their recent donations have enabled us to achieve.”

To see the videos, including the recent rescue of Shirley the badger caught in a snare in Chiddingly, visit:


If you click on ‘subscribe’, the channel will automatically let you know when new videos have been up loaded. Don’t forget to also follow the charity’s work with live updates on www.facebook.com/wildlifeambulance.