Lots of trout given by anglers leads to tail feather sales for Prostrate Cancer Research

THE Trout fishing season may have just finished at Arlington Reservoir, but Environmental Ranger David Wickens has kindly donated £137.50 to Prostate Cancer Research - thanks to surplus catches of the fish.

Generous anglers gave Mr Wickens their surplus trout, whilst he in return sold them pheasant tail feathers, which he collected, for fly tying.

Mr Wickens froze the trout and then sold them on to family and friends for, ‘the princely sum of £1 each’.

David added: “It’s a ‘win win’ situation as the anglers enjoy catching the trout, people I know like eating the trout and Prostate Cancer Research benefits as a result.”

He noted that for his part of the scheme there had to be a down side which he joked was ‘gutting and preparing the trout’.

Arlington Reservoir is an idyllic venue for anglers seeking a peaceful and productive day.