Love is in the air at Paradise Park in Newhaven

THINGS are turning out ‘lovey-dovey’ at Paradise Park in Newhaven despite the chill in the air.

A pair of collared doves have decided to build their spring home for their family above the motor that operates the vents in the garden plant section.

Appropriately, today is Valentine’s Day, so the pair will get off to a splendid start above the flowers.

Also from February 14 they have National Nest Box Week, so customers at the garden centre will be able to encourage wild birds into their own gardens with the aid of the many boxes available.

Plants manager Mark Curtis said: “It is often overlooked that besides the pleasure of having birds to look at in your own garden, small birds such as blue tits will capture many moths and grubs to feed to their fledglings, so are very useful in safely controlling pests in the garden.”