Lovebirds hatched at Drusillas in time for Valentine’s Day

Lovebirds at Drusillas Zoo
Lovebirds at Drusillas Zoo

LOVE is in the air at Drusillas Zoo after four baby black-cheeked lovebirds were hatched.

The colourful birds, native to Zambia and Africa’s most endangered parrot, take their name from the strong bonds between the male and the female in a pair.

They mate for life and the way they preen each other’s feathers is a true labour of love.

A new flock of lovebirds were introduced to the award-winning attraction in 2010, after being re-homed from Bristol Zoo as part of the European breeding programme.

Head keeper Mark Kenward got students at St Bede’s School to create nesting boxes and he made changes to the adult lovebirds’ diet and husbandry.

And the result was four tiny lovebirds at the end of last month.

Mr Kenward said: “We routinely check the nest boxes every Monday and were over the moon to see the chicks within. All of the babies are doing well and we hope they will be the first of many to hatch at the Park this year.”

“It’s a real feather in our cap to have bred these beautiful and rare birds, and to receive our special delivery for Valentine’s Day seems a very fitting tribute to lovebirds everywhere.”