Lucky nobody was killed as live power cable brought down

Snapped electricity pylon cable, Cowbeech Hill''Richard Bear and Joy Brockway
Snapped electricity pylon cable, Cowbeech Hill''Richard Bear and Joy Brockway

‘It could have killed somebody.’

That’s the opinion of a home owner after a vehicle struck a live power cable attached to his home, damaging his roof and bringing guttering and wooden panels down into his front garden.

Richard Bear, from Cowbeech Hill, in Cowbeech, near Hailsham, was in his back garden when the power to his house was suddenly cut off.

He said his partner Joy Brockway alerted him to the power cut after the microwave in the kitchen would not work.

He said he went out to the front garden and discovered the power cable hanging down across his garden, and other debris including guttering from the roof, and a wooden panel from the front of his house, scattered on his front lawn.

Mr Bear believed the incident happened when a vehicle struck a power cable attached between a pole and his roof.

He claimed the vehicle drove off without stopping after the incident.

He said: “We think it must have been a massive vehicle of some sort, we did not see it at the time. We did not know it happened until the power went off.

“We went to the front of the house and started to see some of the damage.

“The power cable had been ripped off the house and it was laying in the garden still attached to the house.

“The cable broke from the far end and then whipped across our garden, taking with it the security alarm and some of the wooden boarding and guttering.

“It could have killed somebody.

“We called the police and I went down the road and asked if anybody had seen anything, but they had not.

“People in the area said they did not notice anything untoward.

“There were a few trees and branches down as well and some branches are hanging down.”

Mr Bear said the incident happened at around 12.30pm on Monday (September 2).

As he talked to the Sussex Express on Monday he was awaiting the electricity company to reconnect the house.

Mr Bear continued: “Most of the things I want to say to the people who have done this are unprintable.

“I don’t think they understand what they have done.

“I hope that putting something in the paper will help in some way.”

A spokeswoman for Sussex Police said the force was now appealing for witnesses to come forward to help trace the vehicle responsible for the incident. She also said police would like to speak to anyone with any information about the incident.

The spokeswoman said: “Police received a call at 1.25pm on Monday September 2 from the resident of Oast Garden Cottage, Cowbeech Hill, Cowbeech, Hailsham that part of his roof had been damaged by a vehicle hitting a power cable which was attached between a pole and his roof. The cable had been ripped off.”

If anyone has any information about the vehicle or witnessed the incident, phone Sussex Police on 101 quoting serial 0790 of 2/9.