Lurcher dog saved from death by Raystede in Ringmer

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A YOUNG adult lurcher has been saved from certain death after being taken to Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare in Ringmer.

The dog was found wandering the streets of London by a warden, who rushed her to a vet’s surgery for emergency treatment. She was so underweight that she nearly died – had she been found just an hour later, she most certainly would have done. Painfully thin, all of her bones were visible.

Betty, as she has been named, was transferred to Raystede where she has so far gained 11 kilos, but still remains very underweight.

Head of Kennels, Val Suleski, said: “Betty is doing really well, but still needs to put on another eight kilos – that’s eight bags of sugar – to reach a healthy weight. We still need to run blood tests to make sure she doesn’t have any underlying problems, but we need her to be stronger before we can put her through that.”