MAGAZINE: “Fins-bury Shark” spotted in boating lake prank

Joggers, dog walkers and early morning commuters were treated to a ‘jaws-dropping’ scene on the boating lake at Finsbury Park this week.

Luckily for the people in the boats, it was all part of a prank to celebrate Shark Week on Discovery Channel starting on the 10th August.

Shark prank

Shark prank

With the lake opened for a private event, guests who had been invited down to take part in filming at the park were surprised to see the fin of a Great White Shark slicing through the water as they rowed in the lake. A macabre installation of a rowing boat - with a huge bite taken out of it - was placed on the boating lake island, to add to the scene.

The stunt was set up using a hand-carved polystyrene fin mounted onto a 3m tubular frame, with internal ballast and flotation devices. The prop was created by BAFTA award-winning art director and special effects designer Jamie Campbell.

Shark Week, returns to Discovery Channel screens from 10-16th August, featuring a raft of programmes about the razor-toothed predators. Highlights include Airjaws Finding Colossus, in which shark experts Chris Fallows and Jeff Kurr visit the legendary Seal island in South Africa in search of Great Whites; Mythbuster Jawsome, which counts down the 25th biggest shark myths of all time and Sharkpocalypse, which explores the alarming trend of sharks moving closer to shorelines and its link to the increase in shark attacks. This year also features Megalodon, which scored a huge hit in the US exploring the myth around the massive prehistoric shark.

Watch the video of the unsuspecting boaters, as they encounter the Fins-bury Shark!