MAGAZINE: From grape to glass - free run pressing

This is the latest video in our series explaining how wine is produced.

Monday, 24th November 2014, 4:00 pm
Neil McGuigan and John Torode SUS-141114-134647001

When we have completed the process we will be running a competition for a half case of wine, worth £80.

John Torode and Neil McGuigan feature in this video series and take us on a journey of appreciation of the winemaking process, all the way from vine to glass.

The series follows Neil and John and they make their own limited edition Hunter Valley Semillon wine, having partnered under the McGuigan Torode name.

Neil McGuigan and John Torode SUS-141114-134647001

A natural partnership as both John and Neil grew up in the same part of Hunter Valley, a small town of Maitland and each share a passion for wanting people to understand the relationship between food and wine and why they work together.

The episodes encapsulate every part of the winemaking process, from grape picking, crushing and de-stemming, fermentation, free run pressing, maturation, blending, labelling, tasting and finally delivery, taking the viewer on a journey from Vine to Glass over a ten part series, filmed at Australian wine producer, McGuigan Wines’ Hunter Valley vineyard.

Follow the process so far: